We have found that families who try to hold their own estate sales lose a lot of money on the value of the contents. There are many items people think are junk, but are actually rare or collectible. These items end up getting sold for pennies on the dollar, donated, or thrown away; while many ordinary items that were priced too high will be left over at the end. We have an intimate knowledge of the psychology of pricing and selling in these situations.

When we hold your sale, we research values, advertise many different ways, invite private collectors and antique dealers, while doing all the labor for you.  If the contents of the estate have reasonably good value, even with our commission, you will make more money than you would have doing all the work yourself.


About Ambiance  Estate Sales Services

For over 25 years, David Shimamoto and Claudia B. Schwartz have been buying and selling antiques professionally.  For close to a decade, they have been providing Estate Content Services to Butte and Glenn counties.

  • ​Ambiance offers a free half hour consultation to evaluate the best course of action,  to help you with the contents of your estate.

  • We are licensed and have a $2 million dollar liability policy. We are extremely risk adverse, and safety oriented. We have a crew of workers on the day of the sale, for organization, safety and security.

  • Ambiance has local references from many satisfied clients.

  • We offer a written contract with our clients.

  • Clean out and Senior Downsizing services are also available.

  • If desired, the principle residence is empty afterwards, if a sale is held; there is no leftover trash.  Other buildings on site will be handled on a case by case basis.

  • Ambiance has an extensive customer list that we email about our sales. We often have over 100 people in line at the beginning, see photo!


  • If a sale is held, all costs come from the sale proceeds, unless there are not enough salable contents to cover all costs.

We charge a percentage of the gross sale proceeds, based on:

  • Estimated value of the estate

  • The labor costs needed to prep and hold the sale (some sales we have held required well over 100 hours labor, including trash disposal)

  • The amount of Trash & Hazardous Waste to be removed; if a dumpster is required, etc.

  • Any Homeowner Association rules or other impediments

Providing Guidance in Trying Times

If you are considering having an estate sale, don't throw anything away until you talk to us.

You might be throwing money away!